Ciderman Begins

People always tell me they had a bad experience on cider when they were 16 and they never touched it since. Well, that experience never put me off! There was a disappointing period about 12 years ago, when cider was seen as a drink for teenage girls and alcoholics, and pubs began to withdraw their cider offerings. Then it suddenly had a resurgence as a fashionable drink that you have from a bottle with ice! Fortunately, on the back this Tizer style cider, real ciders started making an appearance, now I find I’m often confronted with a head-spinning choice of ciders.

However, the experience of the cider is sometimes lost by the next day, when the cider sense kicks in – you sense things are about to happen a day after they happened. So this blog is intended as a log of ciders, cider sellers and cider experiences.

Serve chilled



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