Millwhite’s Rum Cask at The Pembury

At The Pembury Tavern in Dalston, amongst the games, fine pizza selection and shady characters, there always seems to be a fine pair. Of ciders. And the barmaid gave me a taste of hers. I was presented with a hand-written tap sign for a medium cider, and Millwhites Rum Cask cider. Tasting a little of both, I decided the Rum Cask had a bit of spice to it, and I took a pint of this.

Millwhite’s is a Somerset cider, made without chemicals and sulphites. This one is aged in barrels from the Jamaican Rum Co. A good scrumpy this one, at 7.5% it’s a good balance between sweet and dry, but seems to have a warm spiciness to it, may be nice mulled. But without a stove, still good, and not quite as lethal as the tap sign would suggest.

Verdict: 4/5



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