William’s at The Pembury

The mini celebration at The Pembury Tavern  continued, following the Rum Cask, so I decided I would test the next cider, too. The beautifully hand-written Williams Med Cider. Assuming this is ‘medium’ cider, I tried to do a bit of research on t’interweb, and I think it may be the Williams Brothers Ruck cider, from Newport, south Wales.

At first i thought it had a pleasantly sweet taste, then soon realised there was quite a heavy smokiness to it. Sweet apples, and a smoky wood, and a bit of a tang, the smokiness left quite an amusing aftertaste, but I did like it. Although my drinking partner thought it smelled like a plastic Barbie doll, I ended up having another. I’ve never had a smoky cider before, but if you like smoked cheese, you’ll like this. Unless you sniff Barbie dolls a lot.

Unfortunately, at 6% the cider sense didn’t do nowt to assist my first attempt at bar billiards, but I would have been shit at that anyway.

Verdict: 5/5Williams

(the Welsh win again)


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