Magners at Pizzeria Pappagone, Crouch End

Magners pappagoneI arrived at a very full Pizzeria Pappagone, and though the staff were very busy, they were very friendly and all greeted our party with handshakes, which was nice.

Seated, watching the pizza chefs whirl the dough in the air, the waiter came to take the drinks order. I chose the nondescript ‘cider’ from the menu, and a small bottle of Magner’s Irish cider was brought.

I have to say, I do have respect for Magner’s, which, few years ago, when cider was being removed from more and more pubs and bars, seemed to single handedly bring cider back into fashion in a major way with it’s enjoy-over-ice branding. This soon had other cider makers hurrying to bring out similarly fashionably branded bottled over-ice ciders, shifting the stereotypical cider drinker from elderly alcoholics and teenage girls, to trendy, young city folk. I’m happy to see a variety of ciders available at many places now, even if it’s just bottled.

Since I started this blog, I’ve been paying more attention to how the ciders taste and though I would never turn down the offer of a Magners, I was struggling to find any terms I could use for the taste of Magners. It’s a sweetish, mildly flavoured drink. Refreshing and clean, usually served over ice, and not too strong at 4.5%.

I’m wondering if it’s popularity is down to the fact that it is so inoffensive, as even after ditching the default ice, for the second bottle, the taste only came out a little more. Magners claim they use 17 varieties of apple, in this drink, but I was struggling to taste even one of them.

Though it’s not unpleasant, and refreshes on a hot summer day, it’s a bit too bland to get high marks with Ciderman.

Verdict: 2/5


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