Dunkertons: Photo shoot

Well, I say photoshoot, I was reading an article recently, about food and drink photography, so I decided to do my own.

I took a Dunkertons Premium Organic, put it on a wooden chopping board to make it look ‘rustic’. I added a sliced apple in the background, as obviously, there’s always fresh apples around proper cider, and garnished with a couple of Monster Munch, pickled onion would go particularly well with this cider, though roast beef or even flamin’ hot will suffice.Dunkertons org photoshoot

As I had no glycerin to make the refreshing droplets of water running down the glass, effect, (why would I?), I tried flicking bits of water on the glass, but it didn’t work. A couple of well placed bicycle lights lit up the scene to make it look like a warm late summer evening, when in fact it was a freezing twilight evening in my kitchen under the stark, fluorescent strip-lamp.

Then I drank it. At 6.8% this Hereford cider has a good appley smell (or bouquet, if you prefer), and a decent strong taste, like proper cider. Kind of sharp and crisp, but not too dry. The bottle doesn’t specifically list the specific ingredients, but Dunkertons claims it’s ciders include Sheeps Nose, Brown Snout and Balls Bitter Sweet. Although they do sound like playground punishments, I believe they are actually cider apple varieties.

A pleasing drink for proper cider fans.




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