Hogans at The Island Queen

For such a well hidden pub, The Island Queen is rather busy, though not surprisingly, with a unique interior of Victorian/retro decor, a reasonable variety of beers and ciders, and a nice menu. And high ceilings. Very high ceilings.

The choice today was Aspalls (even the vinegar here was Aspalls) or Hogans. Hmm, Hogans, I don’t know any other pubs selling Hogans, let’s give that a try.Hogans island queen

For some reason, it sounds Australian, but it’s actually a West Country cider, based in Warwickshire, this cider claims to be made from actual pressed apples from three counties, and it didn’t disappoint.

Hogans draught leans more towards the scrumpy, as I call it, than the keg style. Though it’s a carbonated cider, it does have the rich appley smell, of a scrumpy. at 4.5% it’s not too strong, but not overly sweet, quite a dry cider, with a reassuring dark colour.

If you’d started dabbling with some mainstream ciders, and were considering moving onto the harder stuff, but didn’t yet have the courage, then Hogans would be a good stepping stone, tempting you with the flavour, but not dealing out a bad case of Cider Sense. In fact, no hangover in the morning! Oh joyous day, and the sun is (was) shining!

I fancy a cider now…

Verdict: 4/5


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