Hebden Bridge Parcel Office, Part 4: Black Rat

Congratulations, you have reached the last in the series of the Parcel Office blog special. After 3 ciders from the pop-up cider bar, run by the Real Cider Company, I’m still feeling surprisingly nimble. In my mind.

The final round belongs to my drinking partner, and as the sun is sneaking towards the horizon, in the ‘beer garden’ of this Victorian train station, I’m presented with a glass of orange juice. Hang on! No! It’s a cider. Impressive colour for a cider. I decide that it will look glorious with the sun behind it, for the photo shoot.Black Rat

This is Black Rat, from Moles Brewery in Wiltshire (using Somerset apples). Very cloudy and flat, no fizz at all, this one not only looks like a fruit juice, but smells a bit like mango! Definitely one of my 5-a-day!

It’s certainly not a drowned rat, this one is rather dry. I try in vain to detect any sweetness, just tannins, and a couple of bits of fragrant fruit floating in equally fragrant pondwater. I still make it to the bottom of the glass, the rat might be dry, but it’s not bitter. At 6% it’s squeak is worse than it’s bite.

The Cider Sense is starting to kick in as I decide that I’m grasping at straws with the rat puns, and my notes are becoming indecipherable. This one’s for a dry palate, but not quite for mine. I’m not a Rat Fan today.


(still finished it though)

Now as the helpful station master offers to call a taxi for the heavily inebriated local slappee (she should have stuck to cider), we say goodbye to the pop up bar, and Hebden Bridge’s hills and head back to Manc for some posh nosh, wonderfully inspired by the many ciders found today, and the myriad still to be found.


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