Bulmers on a Balcony

I’m up north. A weekend of cider sense is planned. I pop into Tesco, rather than go for the 4 pack, I see they have a 3 for a fiver deal on. That’s erm, about £1.75 a bottle? Dunno, I always hated maths. Mr Tyerman would make us answer sums before we could leave the class, I bet he was pissed off with me cos I was always the last one there, trying to multiply 1 three times.

Anyway, I have a calculator now. Back at the flat, I pick out the Bulmers from the trilogy of ciders in the Tesco bag. Well, they do say on their site: #beginwithabulmers. I set up a quick photoshoot on my friend’s nana-style table, and retire to the balcony, as it’s a sunny afternoon.Bulmers

Bulmers Original is a 4.5% carbonated cider from Herefordshire. A golden colour, this is one of the usual suspects in the pub fridge line-up. It’s quite sweet, with just a hint of bitter.

I’m aware this one’s aimed at the iced cider drinkers. An inoffensive, easy drinking cider, best served over ice ‘for maximum refreshment’, but I ain’t no cissy, so I drink it neat. No doubt the ice placebo makes one feel even more refreshed on a hot day, but I hate having watery cider at the bottom of the glass. I’d rather have it warm. With dead flies and bits of grass in it. Like cider should be.

As the sun glints off the brown glass bottle, I notice this one is the Bulmers number 9, whatever that means. Are there another 8 to try? It also has one of them new fangled, square QR codes, like when you get on the Eurostar, so I download a code muncher to my phone, to read it. The little critter makes a slightly scary vibration and crunching noise as it munches the code on the bottle, and I wonder what exciting world of cider it will lead me to, like turning the key to a little Alice in Wonderland door…

…’link does not exist’.

Oh well, I started with a Bulmers, God knows where I’ll finish.



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