Rekorderlig Orange & Ginger, at The Coach & Horses

I’ve been at home all day without a drop of cider all weekend, being a good boy, but after having got up at 5.30am on a Sunday, mid afternoon now feels like the evening, and the pub over the road is looking more and more tempting. There must be some benefit to an early start!

Fortunately, I get the call. The Ciderphone rings and I’m on my way to the Coach and Horses. At lunchtimes and weekday evenings, the picnic benches outside, are home to all kind of miscreant and deviant, but in the evenings, the clientele are looking more savoury. I sit down outside with the usual suspects, to add to the miscreant offering.Rekorderlig Orange Ginger

Starting with an Aspalls, it soon turns a bit cold for us softies, and we venture inside to the sofa area. The interior is a mix of old living room pieces and vintage signs, with a hint of rock and roll that also runs through the staff, a cool-looking, friendly bunch.

I decide to go off piste, and choose a Rekorderlig, the one with the orangey thing on the front. Turns out this one is orange and ginger flavour perry! It’s a nice rose-gold colour, with a sweet, fragrant smell. Rekorderlig drinks are like having a bag of pear drops.

The taste is characteristically sweet, and you do get a bit of ginger. Although it claims to be beautifully Swedish, I’m not sure what is Swedish about oranges and ginger, but those crazy Scandinavians keep knocking out the flavours. They do like the sweet ciders, which verge on ‘alco-pop’, remember Hooch? I think they banned it to stop pregnant Glaswegians having it with breakfast. Rekorderlig is much more classy, you wouldn’t catch pregnant Swedes drinking Hooch.

The orange-ginger ‘pear cider’ is a refreshing, pleasant drink, and an interesting step away from the usual berry flavoured ciders. Plus, with both pear and orange, it’s 2 of your 5-a-day. A crowd pleaser, but a proper perry lover would probably rather drink his own wazz.



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