Weston’s Oak Aged Food Matching. Episode 1: Vintage

Westons VintageI’m at a friend’s house, we’re researching the best way to reach the desolate, industrial shoreline of Dungeness. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, we run out of wine! WHAT!? They don’t teach you how to deal with this at school! Useless GCSEs.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution. My friend has wisely presented me with a pack of Weston’s bottled ciders, a foursome of oak-aged beauties. Not only are there four different varieties, but the back of the pack even has food-matching ideas.

It’s not a difficult decision to crack open the ciders, but I think that it will be a good idea to put the food matching ideas to the test. Yeah, let’s spice up this rail-route planning session. However, the cider we select will be dependent on what food is available. The Henry Westons Vintage at 8.2% appeals to both of us, in our current state. The recommended food to go with this cider is ‘Baked apples, flavoured with cloves and cinnamon and a good dollop of clotted cream’.

Some rapid kitchen cupboard research reveals we have apples but no cream. No problem for my continentally-trained ciderkick, who quickly whips up some sweet apples in, erm, milk.

Right, fruit strategically placed to look like this is a healthy meal, and oh, whip a tablecloth under there, for that more ‘rustic’ look, and an energy efficient bulb gives the impression that this is daytime. Even more wholesome!

Well, enough poncing about, let’s get down to it. Oh, the cider has a sharp nose. This one’s going to be dry. Mmm, nicer in the taste, and yes, very dry. My mouth is stripped bare, but in a nice way. Must be the tannins or something. Still this is fairly easy drinking for such a strong dry one. It has a nice balance.

The culinary delight, whipped up by Cidergirl, is a nice, sweet compliment to the heady cider, and at this strength, it’s getting headier by the minute.

I like the fried apples so much, I polish them off before remembering to return to the cider. I then polish that off, and we attend to the next cider in the box…

Verdict 3/5


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