Traditional London at the Pembury

I’m back at the Pembury Tavern, It’s a gem of a place, and always has two new, real ciders each time I visit. It’s a cold night, and I start off with a mulled cider, which comes in a lovely little glass mug. I’ve been wanting to have a mulled cider night for some time, so I need to gather some recipe ideas. This one is quite sweet, like honey. And there’s a bit of ginger in there, too! Hmm, nice. Well, that’s the obligatory mulled cider done. Unfortunately, you have to drink mulled stuff quick, cos it’s not that nice when cold.

London Cider

So, back to the bar, and I see The London Cider Co Traditional is on draft. I take a glass of this back to the table. It’s dark. Very dark. Like an old wooden chest. And I can’t see through the murky haze. Leaning over this mysterious brew, I brace myself for a smell of musty old wood. But there’s no smell. Not the slightest hint of Barbie’s head or barge toilet, though my ciderkick thinks it looks like wazz after a whole week of boozing.
I take a sip. It’s flat. It’s dry. The dryness strips my tongue, but apart from a slight taste of apples, there’s nothing. This is the most inoffensive cider I’ve ever tried, even more so than Magners. Despite it’s dryness and intriguing colour, it’s not such a strong cider at 4.2%.
I can’t find out much about the London Cider company, but I assume it’s a company based in London, that makes cider.London Cider GlassIt feels quite Christmassy, probably the dark red colour, and as I continue, the cider gets more of a sweet, fruity smell. Maybe it needs space in the glass for the aromas to circulate, but I’m warming to this cider, as the old wooden chest begins to reveal the little gems, hidden within. In fact, by the end of the glass, I even like it.
I wonder what it would be like mulled.
Verdict: 3/5

2 thoughts on “Traditional London at the Pembury

  1. I wonder how they make it just 4.2%? It doesn’t look like its been keeved or part fermented. From your tasting notes, I can only imagine it is either concentrated juice, or added water. Or god forbid, something even worse added.

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