Woodpecker. What a refreshing change!

Remember Woodpecker? It used to be a cider back in the 90s, when  squadron of ducks flew over some hunters and started shitting down their throats, Woodpeckeras a mackem jollily cries ‘Woodpeckeeh! What a refreshing cheenge!’. I haven’t seen much of it since then, but just before Chrimbo, the IT guy presented me with what he referred to as a ‘washing up liquid’ of ciders, to keep me company on myChristmas Eve train journey. However, I decided to hang on to it, as a museum piece.

However, it’s been a long week at work. So, as a perfect way to supress the latent anger, I decide to de-fridge the bugger. Woodpecker comes in an unmissable, bright red can, which I suppose is a bit of a change from other ciders, with a  resplendent green woodpecker (the larges of the three native British woodpeckers).

It’s a pale gold colour. Carbonated and filtered, as you’d expect. Smells kind of sweet. It tastes very run-of -the-mill on the sweet-side cider. Nothing to upset anyone here, and not much of a change from any other canned cider. Woodpecker cider is actually made by Symonds in Hereford, according to the can, which seems to be part of Bulmers, which ultimately seems to be part of Heineken, which claims to use 30% of all British apples, for their ciders…

…and contains a mere 3.5% alcohol. I think this is an easy drinking cider, for those who don’t want to feel like they have a woodpecker banging away at their temples in the morning. Apparently, Woodpecker was one of the first branded ciders, and contains one of my favourite apples, Cox’s Orange Pippin. Not only because you can shout loudly in Morrisons, to your partner, “What kind of apples do you want? Do you like Cox?”, but also it’s a very sweet and British apple. There’s also Bramley apples. Sounds like Woodpecker have also been for a trip to Morrisons.

Verdict 2/5


2 thoughts on “Woodpecker. What a refreshing change!

  1. Carol matthews says:

    Even drinking woodpecker sweet cider for years,really upset my local off licence cannot seem to get it anywhere! Have to get cans on line but I prefer the bottles , been a like long woodpecker cider drinker can anything be done? Would really appreciate it carol

    • Hello, and thanks for your comment. I recommend you explore some real ciders. That way, you probably won’t want to go back to Woodpecker. But if you continue to have the urge for the Pecker, you’d probably have to visit your nearest out-of-town hypermarket. Mine came from somehwere near Bournemouth.
      Good luck.

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