Green Valley Vintage at the Pembury



I’ve been hanging out all day, in a Chelmsford shed, pretending to be Welsh. I eventually arrive home, and I’m considering going out to the pub, when I receive a photo of a scrumpy tap. That’s my cue to go meet a ciderkick who’s back from snowboarding and getting lashed in the pub.

Within fifteen minutes I’m back at the Pembury. This is becoming my second living room, and the bread and butter of Cidersense material. Looking into the history of the pub, as you do, I find that this large pub was built in first opened in 1886, and after a fire in the mid 1990’s it was re-opened in 2006. I’m glad it did. It’s quite a big pub, I wonder what’s upstairs.

My ciderkick has kindly chosen a cider for me, and has it ready at the table when I arrive. It’s an 8.3% Green Valley Vintage. Flat and room temperature, this cider smells like a proper scrumpy. Something of silage, and haystacks about it. It’s a paint stripper, but a fruity one. It’s almost dusty-dry, with a good bite. Just like slowly crashing a combine harvester into an old barn.

After discussing various injuries and deaths on the snow slopes, I decide that I will check out the Milton Keynes snow experience before I go sledging on a  placcy bag, again. Then the topic of alcohol content comes up, as the Green Valley’s 8.3% sounds a little worrying. Someone once told me, (his uncle owned a cider orchard), that the maximum legal content for a cider is 8.4, before it’s taxable as a wine. I wonder if there’s a market for apple wine. Having checked on HMRC website, it looks like you have to pay an extra £100 duty per hectolitre of cider of 8.5% alcohol or more, which is probably why it never reaches more that strength. Remember all those extra-strength ciders as a student, like Blue Ocean, White Lightning, K cider? (I did collect many of the limited edition K bottles, one is even still full!)

Green Valley Cyder is a Devon cyder, their website tells us all about the way they make cider and how cider originated in the Mediterranean. Green Valley is cyder with a Y, and I wonder Y there’s a picture of a bloke having a poo in a bucket on the homepage. Having a pre-ordered pint has thrown me off my routine, and I’ve failed to take a photo, so I posted the pic of the man pooping apples. A full flavoured cider, on the edge of the law.

Verdict 4/5


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