Rich’s Farmhouse Sweet Cider

Richs Farmhouse CiderWhen my colleague took a trip to Somerset, he made sure to bring me back some of the good stuff. In the cider shop, his brief to the shop keeper was to find the cider with the worst name, having been told that the best ciders are the ones labelled  things like Pigswill, Rat’s Muff, Badger’s Arse, or similar. After being recommended the tequila scrumpy, by a toothless bumpkin, my colleague plumped for a Farmhouse Cider by Rich’s of Highbridge in Somerset.

As it’s a farmhouse cider, I decided to create a rustic photoshoot, by adding some almost-out-of-date vegetables in the background, and a wooden chopping board. Farmyard rustic at it’s peak. It was either that, or the bucket of cow dung.

The cider is honey coloured, and smells warm, oaky and sweet. It tastes as sweet, too. It’s like sucking on an old farmyard barn that has been marinated in honey. Or a pint of toffee apple. It’s sweet for a 6% cider, almost like a French cider.It’s a good one to try if you think that Rekorderlig is a real cider but would be scared to taste a Badger’s Arse.

It’s time to check out the Rich’s website. I find out Rich’s has been going since the 50s and they now have a thriving cider business, selling a range of cider (the farmhouse also comes in medium and dry, which could be interesting). They also have a museum, restaurant, children’s play area (while the rentals get lashed) and full disabled access, which would be equally useful to those who are just metaphorically legless. I like this place, it sounds friendly and cidercentric, and they sell 10 litres of cider, for £31 (including delivery)

Rich’s Farmhouse Sweet does what it says on the bottle. It’s a sweet, farmhouse cider, without a Badger’s Arse in sight. But I might need to fire up the combine harvester to carry 10 litres home.

Verdict: 4/5


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