Perro Loco

On my birthday I was given a plethora of ciders  (I must find out what the correct collective noun for cider is; a squad, a bevvy, a round…), which is a quantity enough to cover blog posts for the next two months. I’m easy to buy for.Pero Loco

One of these ciders is Perro Loco. It sounds interesting and unusual. A cider by Brothers, which is ‘tequila flavoured’. It’s ‘Mad Dog’ in Spanish. remember that Mad Dog 20/20 they used to have? I liked the orange flavour. Oh those heady, teenage years, drinking in bus stops and wandering round housing estates at night in the rain. Who’d have thought I’d still be doing this twenty years later!

I’ve decided to have a bit of a Mexican theme to this photo shoot, and I make my favourite current recipe – chocolate bean fajitas. Or Burritos maybe. I’m not sure, as they don’t have rice in them. Fajutos. Ok, wraps! I thought I had a mini Mexican sombrero that I purchased in Ibiza, but I think it was stolen during a wedding, so I add a Mexican Wrestler and a couple of dried chillies to the photo shoot for some authentic Mexicana.

Perro Loco smells a bit like a nail varnish remover, pretty much as you’d expect  from a ‘limon con tequila’ flavoured cider. Despite the odd taste of lemon and something a bit like tequila flavour, it actually tastes quite refreshing, containing real agave cactus flavour and ‘laughs in the face of thirst’. In fact, according to Perro Loco, ‘Things are never as they seem’ (that’s probably the booze), and it ‘brings a whole new meaning to refreshment’.

I’m just thankful there’s no worms floating in it. Perro has a very fashionable label, a tattoo-style illustration of a howling wolf, or maybe it’s a rabid dog, surrounded by roses. It’s bite, though, is as powerful as the bog-eyed fashion-rat wearing a pirates hat on the P.L. website. I doubt there’s any real tequila in there, so at 5.5% I’m not likely to get howling! But, there is a lot of a chemical aftertaste, and my gob is feeling toilet fresh, even without the recommended slice of lime. Perro does own up to using pears, so really, it’s a flavoured alcopop, following the ‘Desperado’ trend for spirit-flavoured booze

However, it would still stop one panting like a dog on a hot day. Like a hot dog with pants. However, the smell of Toilet Duck is bringing on a mild headache, I wouldn’t fancy a whole pint of this Dog. I might start foaming at the mouth.

Verdict 2/5


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