Cider Crawl, North Central London. Episode 4: The Green Man

Green ManI’ve just escaped a gobshite with a beanie and a tape measure, and I’m on my way to The Green Man, with my ciderkick, on the historic, first ever recorded Cider Crawl®. The Green man is next on the hit list. It’s in Riding House Street and, on this Easter weekend, it’s like 28 Days Later round here. Apart from the odd crazy, there’s no one around. It’s quite nice, really – I manage to get to the bar straight away, without having to employ any of that ‘bar presence‘ stuff. Or telekinesis. Or violence.

Green Man BarThe Green Man used to be Paul McCartney‘s local when he was shacked up with that washing up liquid lady – the ginger one. I came in here a few years ago to show my dad, and it was characterless. Recently, it’s had a new lease of life as a cider pub! However, most of the ciders are keg ciders; Mortimers, Aspalls, and the like – the hard side of mainstream.

I see there’s a Rosie’s Pig. I do like an Old Rosie, so I request a pint of pig.Green man Ciders

It has s stuffy smell, like a dusty loft, and in The Green Man, seems to come with it’s own barfly. But at 4.8% it’s not too strong, and is rather sweet. In fact it’s becoming stickily sweet, like a dessert apple cider. But it’s not, it’s a Weston’s Herefordshire cider, named after and old truck that used to carry the Weston’s cider.

This normally bustling pub is very peaceful tonight. There’s more ciders than you could realistically get through in one night, which is great, but it’s lacking proper, dirty ciders straight out of the barrel. You won’t get many cider bumpkins round here though – this is the perfect cider pub for besuited office chaps and ladies who aren’t into lagers, but want to venture beyond the realms of Strongbow. I don’t know what my ciderkick got, but his cider tastes like washing day. He’s disappointed it’s been ‘played around with’. At least the flowers are real.

I whack the barfly away, and struggle to write, as it’s my fifth stop on this Cider Crawl®. That’s probably enough for one day. But there are plans for more. We drink up and slink off into the darkness

and end up in a karaoke bar.

Verdict: 3/5


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