Henney’s Englands Pride Medium

PHEW! It’s been a busy few months. What with weddings, birthdays, disease, eviction, driving lessons, a wicked goblin dancing on my back and more, I’m glad to get back on the ciders.

I’m in my new flat, and made myself a booze shelf, or drinks cabinet as I like to call it. I ripped off the flowery, stained oilcloth that was drawing-pinned onto a piece of black chipboard in the kitchen and loaded my bottles onto it. Also, my drinking vessels. It seems that a popular gift for a cider drinker is the biggest or most unusual tankard you can find. Why shite, I’ve got one that must hold about 6 pints!

Henneys England PrideAnyway, tonight Matthew, I’m opening the Henney’s England’s Pride Medium Cider. I found this one in Budgens, it says it’s made from 100% fresh pressed apple juice – well, that’s a good start. It’s pretty clear and lightly sparkling (like you give a shit), and it smells promising.

The taste is sweetish and a little bitter ∴ bittersweet! (that was the mathematical symbol for ‘therefore’, by the way. Don’t say I don’t teach you nowt!). It makes my eyes water, but with a dusty aftertaste. I don’t know why I want chocolate after this. Maybe cos I’m a lonely, semi-alcoholic, who spends his Friday nights alone at home, writing about booze and seeking comfort food. Oh, actually, hang on, this blog (passage ‘e’), explains why I want chocolate.

I’m grateful to discover that I’m not as sad as I thought I was, and this 6% Herefordshire cider from the family run Henney’s is a good all-rounder, but beyond that, there’s not much more to say. It doesn’t really punch me in the nuts.

That’s probably for the best

Verdict 3/5


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