Coles Carmarthen Gold

With my Tri-Nations Cider Tournament under way, next up is Wales.Carmarthen Gold

I received a bottle of Coles Carmarthen Gold from my Welsh brother, (brother of a brother-in-law). He’s from Carmarthen, and, as everyone in South Wales seems to be from Carmarthen, he’s probably related to the Cole’s Family Brewers (Established 1999). This 6% cider one has won a Great Taste Award.

My only Welsh drinking vessel is the cwrw (beer) tankard, but that will do.

Smells like it’s going to be a dessert apple cider, (like Aspalls), and it’s sweet, sweet, sweet! Or as the Welsh would say: ‘megafuckinsweetasfucklike’. Well, the label did say ‘Gold and Delicious’. Get it? Like the apple? Well, I think this must have been made from golden delicious apples, it’s not a bitter sweetness like some dessert apple wine, more of a pure sweetness, like apple juice. Quite refreshing, actually.

It is a pale gold, lightly sparkling cider. A good cider for those who think they might not like a scrumpy, but not for those who like a more savoury beverage. I’m sure it’s one of my five a day. The bottle says it’s the true taste of Wales. So, this is what dragons taste like. I always wondered. A bit like watching a Wales rugby match, you first get a rush but eventually, it does make you wince a bit. Best wait a week before the next one.

After finishing the bottle, I run around my bedroom for ten minutes, jump on the bed, cry and then fall asleep.

Verdict: 3/5


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