There’s no such thing as a bad cider. There’s one or two extra-organic ciders that i remember having the taste of stagnant water, or having had all taste extracted from them, but these are rare. These are the ciders that will be rated 1/5.

However, taste is a very personal sense, and the scores are based on my own personal taste, rather than an objective analysis of the qualities of the cider. I tend to favour sweeter tastes but I do want to give merit to those that stand out amongst the ranks, so the rating goes like this:

1: Yeuch, is that cider? Oh well, waste not, want not

2: Not bad, might get another pint in

3: Oh, that’s nice, same again?

4: I say, that’s a rather good one, what was it called?

5: Well, press me fermented apples! That’s worth telling people about!

Whatever the rating, I recommend that you go out and try the cider for yourself and be immersed in the Cider Sense.


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